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Important information on our flights from/to Berlin-Schönefeld scheduled on 13.03.2017

Due to strike actions of ground staff at Berlin’s airports Schönefeld and Tegel schedule changes to the following Germania flights apply:


Flightnumber         Routing   New departure time (local time) New arrival time (local time)  
ST6002 Berlin-Schönefeld - Beirut   13.03.17 - 20:00 hrs from Dresden*   14.03.17 - 00:40 hrs
ST6003 Beirut - Berlin-Schönefeld   14.03.17 - 01:40 hrs 14.03.17 - 05:00 hrs
ST3328 Berlin-Schönefeld - Tehran     14.03.17 - 06:00 hrs 14.03.17 - 13:15 hrs
ST3329 Tehran - Berlin-Schönefeld     14.03.17 - 14:15 hrs 14.03.17 - 17:10 hrs

*ST6002 will be operated from Dresden airport.

For affected passengers a ground transfer has been arranged from Berlin-Schönefeld to Dresden airport. The bus departs 14.00hrs on 13.03.2017 from Terminal B at Berlin-Schönefeld airport. Passengers are kindly requested to arrive on time. 

We apologize for any inconveniences.

For further inquries please contact our Service Center via

Tel +49 (30) 610 818 000 or servicecenter@

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Important information for all passengers

The mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled by the manufacturer due to battery defects.

With immediate effect it is strictly forbidden to carry these mobile phones onboard of Germania aircrafts. If passengers transport the Note 7 in their checked baggage or hand baggage, the Note 7 will be removed from the baggage.

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Passengers holding a Schengen Visa

All passengers travelling with a Schengen visa, issued by a country other than Germany need a permission from the German embassy in Teheran.

Passengers holding a Schengen visa, issues by Greece, are permitted to enter the Schengen Area only via Athens.

Important advice for passengers with Sypriena citizenship

Dear Passengers,

We have been made aware that entry to Lebanon will be refused to all passengers who are Nationals of Syria, who are arriving from Switzerland or an EU member state and who:

  • have no entry stamp of the departing country (e.g. Germany) in their passport, or
  • have no exit stamp of the country from which they have entered the EU member state or Switzerland in their passport, or
  • have an entry stamp of Turkey in their passport, but no exit stamp of Turkey.

All Syrian passengers meeting one or more of the above criteria require a valid visa in their passport upon check-in for their flight. It is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival for such passengers. Entry to Lebanon will be refused and a FINE of $2.000,00 USD will be charged by the Lebanese Authorities.

Germania assumes no liability for possible damage which could arise in case of disregard of these provisions and reserves the right to claim reimbursement for any fines or costs from all passengers not acting in accordance with this advice.

Individual travellers will in the future require a visa before entering Egypt.

Individual travellers will in the future require a visa before entering Egypt. The exact date of the implementation of this rule is not yet known. The new rule was supposed to have come into effect on 15 May 2015, has now however been combined with the introduction of the electronic visa. All individual travellers require a visa for entry. The visa must be applied for from the Egyptian embassy and the consulate generals before departure. Tour groups and package holidaymakers are exempt from this new regulation.
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Passport control at French airports

For the safety of all passengers passport controls at French airports are carried out. Please remember to arrive in time at the airport and to carry a valid identy card or passport with you.

Reorganization concerning the recognition of non-machine-readable travel documents

The Federal Foreign Office informs the German Federal Police (BPOL) about the reorganization concerning the recognition of non-machine-readable travel documents in the Republic of Turkey:

As from 25 November 2015, Turkish nationals can only leave Turkey with machine-readable travel documents. Holders of non-machine-readable predecessor models can enter Turkey for the time being, but are not allowed to leave.

Germans and other nationals are not affected by this regulation.

A transfer of your personal information to the Federal Police is mandatory due to higher security standards. To ensure a proper transmission of your personal information to the Federal Police, we kindly ask you, to carry a valid passport.

Germania accepts no responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the content.

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