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Hand baggage

Making it comfortable on board

So that you can travel safely and comfortably, space for hand baggage on board the aircraft is limited. Each passenger can take a maximum of one item of baggage, which is to be stored during the flight under the seat in front or in the overhead locker.

Please take note not only of the permitted weight but also of the maximum dimensions for your hand baggage.

Please note: For each excess piece of hand baggage and for hand baggage that exceeds the following provisions, an amount of 50 EUR becomes due at the boarding gate. Please understand that we will transport this item of baggage in the cargo hold.

Maximum weight: 6 kg
Maximum dimensions: 55 cm length x 40 cm width x 20 cm height

Premium Economy on flights from/to Iran
Maximum weight: 8 kg
Additional Premium Economy extras

In addition to your hand baggage you may also take one of the following items without additional charge:

  • A laptop bag
  • A small ladies’ handbag
  • Baby food for meals during the flight
  • One pair of crutches, if you are dependent on these

Please note that you are responsible for your hand baggage. We therefore recommend that you insure your baggage.

Special provisions

Please understand that on heavily booked flights we may ask to place your hand baggage in the cargo hold. This service is of course free of charge for you and serves not only your comfort on board the aircraft but also your safety.


Liquids, aerosols and gels in hand baggage

For security reasons, only a limited amount of liquids may be taken into the aircraft cabin on flights and connecting flights that start in the EU. The regulations apply to all liquids, aerosols, gels, pastes, lotions, foams, creams, jellies, mixtures of liquids and solids, and all other articles of a similar consistency.

1. Liquids in containers with a maximum volume of 100 ml

You are permitted to take a total of one litre of liquids with you into the aircraft cabin. Please note however that these must be filled in individual containers of no more than 100 ml each. All liquids must be packed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag. Only one such plastic bag per person is permitted.

Please remember to present the liquids separately at the security control.

2. Medication and special foods

Medication and special foods such as baby food can of course still be taken on board. You are simply required to demonstrate the necessity of these liquids. Please understand that we may require a medical certificate.

3. Duty-free articles in a sealed security bag

The carrying of all liquids purchased from duty-free shops after passenger screening is of course still permitted. The duty-free articles must be sealed at purchase together with the receipt in a security bag with red border and sealed. Please note that this only applies to articles with a receipt from the same day.

Baggage irregularities

Late, damaged or lost

We will of course do everything possible to reunite you with your baggage.

Important information on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It ist strictly forbidden to carry a Samsung Note 7 mobile phone onboard of Germania aircrafts. This applies to both hand baggage and checked baggage.

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