XL Seats

More legroom for even more comfort

Your legs will thank you for it. Simply reserve one of our XL seats and enjoy the extra legroom. Your comfort seat is generally located in the first row or by an emergency exit. You’ll quickly realise: you’ve never flown this comfortably with Germania.

XL seats can be reserved online or directly at the check-in counter. During the booking process XL seats can only be reserved in the first row.

At the check-in or excess baggage counter comfort seats are available in the first rows or next to the emergency exits. Here XL seats can only be reserved, if there are free XL seats. Please pay your seat in cash or by credit card.

For the reservation of an XL seat a fee of € 30 or CHF 30 * (one way) applies.

Other currencies:

Israel: ILS 145
Marocco: MAD 330
Norway: NOK 250
Sweden: SEK 275
Tunisia: TND 70
United Kingdom: GBP 25

Reservations of standard-seats
Please note that standard seats can only be reserved online during the booking process. Seat reservations are only available on existing Germania flights if you can provide us with a Germania booking number.

More informationen about standard seats


Reservation restrictions

For safety reasons we are unable to offer emergency exit seats to the following persons:

  • Babies and children under the age of 12
  • Persons travelling with babies and/or children under the age of 12
  • Persons travelling with animals in the cabin
  • Pregnant women
  • People with physical or learning disabilities
  • Persons with limited mobility due to their physical dimensions, illness or for reasons of old age

Passengers sitting by an emergency exit must be prepared to assist the cabin crew in the event of a flight-related emergency. This requires that you can follow the instructions given by the crew in English and/or German.

It is at the discretion of the check-in staff whether a passenger fulfils the requirements for seating at an emergency exit. Our cabin crew however reserve the right to move passengers if required for safety reasons.


* Prices are in CHF for all flights with GM flight numbers. Prices are in EUR for all flights with ST flight numbers.

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