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Flights to Erbil (EBL)

Erbil – 4300 years of history

Erbil, or also known as Abil, is with approximately 4300 years of heritage one of the oldest continuously populated cities in the world and is the capital of Kurdistan. Since the end of Saddam Husseins regime, the city developed further and particularly attracts with authenticity and with the kindness of its inhabitants.

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Erbil – A city in transition

Since 2014 the citadel of Erbil is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and thus the main attraction for history lovers. The here located settlements hide unimaginable history to touch. You are on the trail of the Greeks, Akkadians, Babylonian and even the Assyrians. The closely located traditional Qaysari Bazar is since the 14th century an inherent part of Erbil. On the one hand, you can buy fabrics and jewellery and on the other hand there is loads of self-made food and many colorful spices.

The Souk and the many restaurants invite one to linger on, 2013 it was further announced that the planned "Downtown Erbil" shall be based on the model of Dubai. Comfort lovers will fully enjoy the appartments, hotels and shopping malls in Downtown Erbil.

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