[Translate to Englisch International:] Flights to Hamburg (HAM)

Hamburg – Picturesque with a romantic flair

[Translate to Englisch International:] Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city, enthuses visitors with its individual charm and traditional Hanseatic hospitality. The numerous waterways and canals resemble Venice in Italy. 

[Translate to Englisch International:] The Venice of the North

[Translate to Englisch International:] The Hanseatic city of Hamburg, on the banks of the river Elbe and often known as the "Venice of the North", offers North-German charm, metropolitan flair and a fair dose of serenity. A canal tour along Hamburg's 23 canals displays the mysterious side of the city. Meanwhile, seven centuries of art, from medieval to contemporary, are waiting to be explored by art lovers in Hamburg's Kunsthalle. In contrast, the Portuguese quarter - a rarity in Germany - provides an Iberian atmosphere, with delicious food and a unique flair. 

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