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Airbus A319

One of the smaller models of the A320 family

With a maximum cruising speed of 787 km/h, the Airbus A319 has a range of about 6,000 km. With a length of 33.84 m it is one of the smaller models of the A320 family and 10.67 m shorter than the Airbus A321. It nonetheless offers seats for 150 passengers and so can’t be overlooked.

The first Airbus A319 was incorporated into the Germania fleet in March 2011. Ten of these aircraft now fly for Germania on all routes, making it a true all-rounder.

All of our A319s are equipped with wingtips, which reduce resistance and so reduce fuel consumption.

Technical data of the Airbus A319

Total 23
Number of seats 150/144
Length 33,84 m
Height 11,76 m
Wingspan 34,10 m
Max. flying range 5.600 km
Max. flying altitude 11.900 m
Cruising speeed 787 km/h

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