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Do you wish for more legroom on your flight or do you prefer to sit at the window, near the hallway or in the middle? At Germania you can either reserve a standard seat or an XL seat. You’ll quickly realise: you’ve never flown this comfortably with Germania.

Standard seats

Window, aisle or middle seat? Reserve your standard seat and ensure that you have your desired seat and a comfortable flight with Germania. A fee of € 15 or CHF 15* (one way) applies for the online reservation of a standard seat.

It is possible to reserve a seat during the booking process online or subsequently by telephone. Please note that seat reservations are only available on existing Germania flights if you can provide us with a Germania booking number.

XL seats

More legroom for even more comfort. Simply reserve one of our XL seats and enjoy the extra legroom. Our comfort seats are generally located in the first row or by an emergency exi.

XL seats can be reserved online or directly at the check-in counter. For the reservation of an XL seat a fee of € 30 or CHF 30* (one way) applies.

During the booking process XL seats can only be reserved in the first row. At the check-in or excess baggage counter comfort seats are available in the first rows or next to the emergency exits. Here XL seats can only be reserved, if there are free XL seats. 

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* Prices are in CHF for all flights with GM flight numbers. Prices are in EUR for all flights with ST flight numbers.

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Did you book your flight via a tour operator? Then reserve your seat with ease here online.

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