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Baggage checklists

A short checklist for your baggage

What shall I take? Whether you are going on a weekend escape with a friend or partner or a summer holiday with the whole family, read our baggage tips and enjoy a relaxing start to your trip.


5 tips on your hand baggage

1. Check the size of your hand baggage

Our passengers are each allowed to take on board one item of hand baggage with the following dimensions: your bag can weigh up to 6 kg and have a maximum size of 55 x 40 x 20 cm.
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2. Only take small quantities of liquids

You are permitted to take a total of one litre of liquids with you into the aircraft cabin. Please note however that these must be filled in individual containers of no more than 100 ml each.
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3. Pack valuables in your hand baggage

Play it safe and pack all your valuables (such as money, camera, laptop or medication) in your hand baggage.

4. Check what you are permitted to pack in your hand baggage

What can I bring on board? For security reasons, certain items are not allowed to be brought into the aircraft cabin, which include fragile items, large electrical devices, fluids (if over 1 litre or not filled correctly), and perishable foodstuffs.
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5. Pack your electronic cigarettes in your hand baggage

Electronic cigarettes / e-cigarettes (including battery) may only be transported in your hand baggage. Transportation in checked baggage is not permitted. Please note however that smoking (including e-cigarettes) is forbidden on board.


5 tips on your checked baggage

1. Weigh your suitcase before departure

On our flights checked baggage weighing up to 20 kg is transported free of charge in the cargo hold. If your baggage is heavier than this, each additional kilo costs 10 € oder CHF 12*. Please note that items of baggage are not permitted to be heavier than 32 kg.
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2. Please close your baggage carefully

Please pack and close your baggage carefully. Only then can we guarantee secure transportation. Germania is entitled to refuse acceptance of baggage where necessary.

3. Label your baggage

Who does the suitcase belong to? Please attach a tag with your name to your suitcase. The following information also helps us to determine the ownership of the baggage: destination, home address, and your mobile phone number or email address.

4. Insure your baggage

We strongly recommend that you insure your baggage. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for fragile, perishable or valuable items in your baggage.

5. Book your special baggage in advance

Special baggage can of course also be transported with us. Please note however that it cannot exceed a maximum weight of 30 kg. And please book your special baggage at least 48 hours before departure. Further information can be found here.
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Our liability provisions

As a passenger you are responsible for your baggage. You must ensure that your baggage, as well as all items placed within it, corresponds to our Terms of Carriage. Please also ensure that everything is packed in a way that prevents damage occuring.

Please note that Germania is not responsible for the following damage:

  • usual signs of usage on the baggage, such as scratches, dents or dirt
  • damage to improperly packed items of baggage
  • damage resulting from security checks due to the type of baggage or its contents
  • fragile items
  • perishable goods
  • valuable items
  • unattended hand baggage

Our general terms and conditions and conditions of carriage apply.

* Prices are in CHF for all flights with GM flight numbers. Prices are in EUR for all flights with ST flight numbers.

Baggage irregularities

Late, damaged or lost

We will of course do everything possible to reunite you with your baggage.

Important information on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It ist strictly forbidden to carry a Samsung Note 7 mobile phone onboard of Germania aircrafts. This applies to both hand baggage and checked baggage.

Prohibited items

Because your safety has top priority, the transportation of certain items is forbidden:

  • Fragile items
  • Large electrical appliances
  • Battery-powered electric vehicle
  • Perishable foodstuffs

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Baggage liability limit

On our flights you have the option of increasing the liability limit for the loss of your checked baggage.

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