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Family & travel
Family & travel

Checklist for families

How to make flying child’s play

Travelling with children is fun and exciting for everyone. Read our tips on travelling with children and enjoy a relaxing start to your holiday.

Tips and tricks for travelling with children – a checklist for parents

1. Decide before booking: supplementary loop belt or child seat?

Your children’s safety is our top priority. You are therefore able to secure your infant on your lap. Alternatively, you can bring your own child seat for free. Please note however that this must be certified and labelled.
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2. Book an extra seat for older children

On your lap or in their own seat? We have different rules on ticket prices and seating depending on the age of the child. Please read up about our services and conditions before making a booking.
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3. Pack a suitcase for the little ones too

One item of baggage can of course be carried free of charge in our cargo hold for babies and children too. Please read up about the current free baggage allowances.
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4. Bring travel documents for your children

Please bear in mind that children require their own travel documents. Depending on their age and your destination, they may require a child passport, child identity card or adult identity card. Entries in a parent’s passport are no longer valid.
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5. Bring what you need on board

So that you and your child can feel comfortable in the aircraft cabin, we recommend having the following items in your hand baggage:

  • Thick socks and pullover: it can get cool on board
  • Favourite toys: so time passes quickly! Alternatively, games like Battleship or Hangman are perfect for playing on board with adults
  • During take-off and landing, a dummy or a bottle helps to equalize the air pressure. Chewing gum and sweets help for older children

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6. Bring baby bottles with you into the cabin

You are of course permitted to bring baby food and baby bottles for your child on board as long as these are required during the flight. Please read up on the special regulations.
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7. Allow enough time to arrive at the airport

The big day has arrived and the adventure has begun. Leave for the airport in good time, so that you can start your holiday in a relaxed frame of mind.
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Supplementary loop belt or child seat?

You have the option of securing your infant to your lap or bringing your own child seat with you without surcharge.

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