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Tavel documents
Tavel documents

Travel document checklist

Be prepared

Acquaint yourself with the entry requirements of your destination country in advance. This allows you to comfortably prepare for your travels, applying for new identification papers or visas in good time.

A checklist for your travel documents

1. Government-issued identification card or passport?

As an EU/Swiss citizen travelling within the Schengen area, you only require a valid identification card. If you are from another country, please carry a valid passport with you.

2. Read up on the entry and exit conditions of your destination

Please note that for entry and exit in some countries further documents such as visa, vaccination certificate or similar are required. As a passenger you are responsible for providing all required documentation. It is therefore important that you acquaint yourself on the entry and exit requirements of your destination country in advance. In the event of uncertainty, please contact the Foreign Ministry of your destination country and acquaint yourself with any country-specific requirements.
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3. Take identification papers for infants and children

Please note that children and young persons must also present a valid identification document (child passport). In some countries infants, children and young persons under the age of 18 must in addition produce a completed authorisation form from their parent or legal guardian in order to be permitted to leave their home country. This regulation is for the wellbeing of the child and is a measure against child abduction.
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4. Enquire in good time whether you require a medical certificate

With Germania you can of course take medication and other medical accessories with you free of charge. Simply remember to bring a medical prescription or a medical certificate with you. Please find out in good time whether you require special documents to travel. As passenger you are responsible for providing all required documentation.
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5. If pregnant, bring your pregnancy record with you

Of course, you are also able to fly with us while pregnant. Simply bring a medical certificate (pregnancy record) with you so that we are able to ascertain your stage of pregnancy.
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6. Animals also require travel documents

Animals also need a holiday. You wish to travel with your pet? Please read up in good time on existing regulations, conditions and restrictions related to the import and export of animals. Please also remember to bring with you all the documents required for the journey; this includes a valid pet passport as well as vaccination and health certificates. We look forward to meeting your ‘best friend’!
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Please note that Germania is entitled to refuse transport in the following instances: travel documents are not valid or complete, entry requirements of a destination country have not been fulfilled or country-specific transport documents and certificates have not been presented.

Passport control at French airports

For the safety of all passengers passport controls at French airports are carried out. Please remember to arrive in time at the airport and to carry a valid identy card or passport with you.

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