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Transportation of animals

Travelling with your pets


Register your pet at least 48 hours prior to departure. We will issue you with a written confirmation stating we can transport your pet. Contact our service center by e-mail at specialservices@ or register your pet simply and conveniently online. For departures within 72 hours, please contact us by calling +41 43 508 34 89.


Animals in the cabin (max. 6 kg)

Small dogs and cats can be taken into the cabin in a suitable container. Please note that the animal including container must not weigh more than 6 kg. For safety reasons the transportation box must be stowed under the seat in front of you during the entire flight and may not be placed on a seat. It is not possible to book an additional seat for your animal.

Transportation box

Please note that the size of the transportation box may not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm. For safety reasons the animal must remain in the box and its head may not stick out of it. Before travelling please ensure that the transportation box is leak-proof and offers sufficient ventilation.

For the transportation of your pet in the aircraft cabin we charge a fee of € 60 or CHF 70 * per journey.

Remember to bring all documents required for the entry and departure of your animal (valid pet passport, vaccination certificate and health certificate, etc.).

Assistance dogs and guide dogs

Assistance and guide dogs Passengers who depend on assistance or guide dogs can bring them into the aircraft cabin free of charge. You will not require a special transport container for this. Please however inform us of your animal in good time – at least 48 hours before departure – and bring all documents required for entry and departure (valid pet passport, vaccination and health certificates).
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Transportation in the cargo hold (over 6 kg)

Animals heavier than 6 kg including the transport box are transported for you in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Your pet must be individually housed in a leak-proof and escape-proof transportation box of sufficient size. The animal must be able to stand and lie in it normally. Water and food containers that can be filled from the outside must be attached to the box. Please note that these containers must be empty during the flight.

For the transportation of your pet in the cargo hold we charge a fee of € 100 or CHF 120 up to 20 kg and € 125 or CHF 150 from 20 kg per journey.

Please note that the transportation of animals in the cargo hold is not possible on certain routes.

Special regulations

Special regulations apply for the transportation of animals. Please inform yourself in advance about conditions and restrictions related to the import and export of animals. You as the passenger are solely reliable for adherence to the conditions and are responsible for all damage and consequential damage caused by your animal or its transportation.

The transportation of animals is additionally subject to the international IATA Live Animal Regulations.
Please note that the corresponding provisions of the general conditions of booking and travel of the flight operator also apply.

Entry requirements for pets

Since 1 October 2004 EU regulation 998/2003 on animal health conditions for the transportation of pet animals is in force. This regulation serves the avoidance of rabies.

Please inform yourself in advance about the entry requirements for pets. Please read the EU regulation before booking or talk to your veterinary surgeon, veterinary inspection office or the border inspection post. Please note that the following countries have particularly strong regulations on the entry of animals: United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Sweden. EU regulation 998/2003 can be found at The following countries listed have particularly strict regulations for bringing pets into the country: Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, and Sweden.

United Kingdom and Ireland
Due to local entry requirements we are unfortunately unable to transport pets on flights to and from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

On flights from Tehran, we are unfortunately unable to transport pets in the cargo space.

We are generally able to transport pets on flights to and from Iceland, but the approval of the Icelandic Embassy is needed. If you have any further questions concerning this matter, please contact the Embassy or the Federal Foreign Office.

Exceptions of course apply for approved assistance dogs and guide dogs. Please provide suitable verification and carry the required travel documents and vaccination certificates with you. Please remember to present the relevant certification for your animal and to bring all documents required for entry and departure (valid pet passport, vaccination and health certificates).  Further information on the transportation of assistance dogs and guide dogs can be found here.
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