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Flights from Zurich to La Palma (SPC)

Germania takes you to La Isla Bonita, one of the last pristine regions in paradise.

Where is La Isla de San Miguel de La Palma again? It is no wonder that this question comes up when the fifth largest of the Canary Islands is up for discussion: La Isla de San Miguel de La Palma – or La Palma – still is an insider’s tip among fans of the Canary Islands, nature aficionados, and island hoppers. The relatively small island is a class of its own. Stately, moon-like volcano landscapes alternate with lush vegetation, crowned with starry nights that keep you in awe, so much that UNESCO listed the entire island as a biosphere reserve in 2002.

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Flights from Zurich (ZRH) to La Palma (SPC)
La Palma
from Zurich
79 CHF
One way fares incl. all taxes and fees.

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We transport your sports equipment free of charge.* One item of sports baggage per passenger; must not exceed 2 meters in length and a maximum weight of 30 kilograms. Item must be packed in line with the regulations. No refunds will be made if you already have registered sports baggage subject to a fee for flights within the specified period.

Travel period: 01.11.18 - 30.04.19

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Fly to the island of banana museums, baby powder, and sardine burials with Germania.

La Palma has the most attraction for lovers of nature, hikers, and those in search of peace and quietness. Even though tourism has developed steadily over the past few years, clocks on La Palma still tick a bit slower. Idleness and a friendly chat here and there remain of essence. How nice… On La Palma, your pulse slows down and you can take the time to enjoy the pleasurable sides of life, such as your well-earned vacation, to the fullest. Rushing will not get you very far – there is too much to see on the island, for example, striking Caldera de Taburiente national park with mountains of up to 2426 meters, historic petroglyphs in El Paso, or the fascinating laurel forest of Los Tilos with its beautiful waterfalls.

Watching the stars at night is another wonderful activity on La Palma. Even non-romantics are amazed by the clear views through the telescope at Gran TeCan observatory at 2400 meters. The telescope sees as much as four million human eyes….

Astonishing volcanoes in the south, mysterious canyons in the north, marvelous bays on the coast, and the attractive capital Santa Cruz – on La Palma, you can have it all.

Santa Cruz gets a bit crazy during carnival in late January and early February. According to tradition, Carnival Monday – or Día de los Indianos – is reserved for partying, dancing, and soaking everyone in baby powder. Ash Wednesday and, thus, the end of the carnival season, is another reason to celebrate. During the Entierro de la Sardina, a gigantic sardine made of paper and fabrics is carried through the streets which much ado and then burned, a symbolic act to end the festivities for the year.

If tranquility is what you are looking for, you will take pleasure in the bandwidth of cultural sights. While Zarza and Garafia are considered to be the island’s archeologic hubs, diverse villages throughout the island will surprise you with their wealth of arts events. In addition, there are many interesting museums, such as the seafaring museum, the archeologic museum, and the banana museum (Museo del Plátano). Santa Cruz also is a great place for shopping. However, instead of large malls, you will find a host of small shops selling locally made crafts and jewelry.

Last but not least, La Palma is a wonderful place for relaxing. Some people believe recuperative relaxation was born on this island...

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