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Fare overview

An overview of our fare structure

How flexible do you want to be? Whether a romantic getaway for two or summer holiday with the whole family – we have tailored our fare structure to our passengers’ requirements.

Basic Economy

Bargain hunters are recommended our Basic Economy, with which you can secure the lowest price for your flight.

Classic Economy

The Classic Economy refers to our standard fare. It allows changes to the booking as well as name changes up to two hours before departure for a fee.

Flex Economy

Greatest flexibility is offered by our Flex Economy. Only this fare allows free changes to the booking and name changes up to two hours before departure.

Premium Economy

Passengers benefit from the new Premium Economy on all Iran flights.
All Premium Economy extras

Regardless of which fare you choose, at least 20 kg free baggage allowance, snacks and alcohol-free drinks, newspapers and a varied entertainment programme are included on almost all of our flights.

Below is an overview of our different fares and the benefits and services they include:

Basic Classic Flex
Snack & drink 1
Baggage item up to 20 kg 2
XL seats 3€ 30 / CHF 30€ 30 / CHF 30€ 30 / CHF 30
Bookable servicesFee appliesFee appliesFee applies
Name change 4€ 30 / CHF 50 + fare difference
Change in booking 4€ 30 / CHF 50 + fare difference
Cancellation 5


1 Snack or hot meal depending on length of flight. With the exception of all flights to and from Prishtina and Skopje and also on flights where the tour operator may have offered otherwise. For details, please check your travel documents or contact your tour operator.
2 Up to 25 kg on flights to/from Lebanon, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Marocco (Oujda) or Turkey (only Adana, Ankara, Edremit, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Hatay, Kayseri, Malatya and Samsun). On flights to/from Zonguldak: flights to Zonguldak max. 30 kg/ flights from Zonguldak max. 20 kg. There are two more pieces of information in the Checked baggage section.
3 More currencies you'll find on the page XL Seats.
Only possible until 2 hours before departure, by phone via our service centre during opening hours. Prices are in CHF for all flights with GM flight numbers. Prices are in EUR for all flights with ST flight numbers.
5 Our Basic- and Classic fares are non-refundable, in case of cancellation there will be a refund for taxes and fees only.

Premium Economy

Passengers benefit from the new Premium Economy on all Iran flights to Tehran.

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